Snabbtest så inte bästa resultatet xD Skulle bara kolla hur man meckar ihop det hela. Kräver lite finslip….
Resultatet inte heller så värst oljemålning. Lite blandning av ditt & datt.

This effect is created with the help of Smart Objects. In order to edit the file, you need to place your graphics in Smart Layers from the “Edit Content” folder (marked with green). You can switch the “color1-3” folders for applying different versions of the effect.

En annan variant:

A photographer focused on urban streets and cityscapes.

“Recently I’ve really been asking myself one question over and over; why is it that I like the photos that I like? Both in the cases of looking at other people’s work or in my own stuff. After some thought, I’ve come up with the 3 main ingredients that make a street photo good, at least in my opinion. It may be a weird way to put it but bear with me; I have a theory that if one were to craft an algorithm that judges photos, they would like be using some combination of these 3 elements. The 3 ingredients are: Aesthetics, Story and Feeling.”
-Teemu Jarvinen-

LUT is the short form of «Look Up Table» and is basically a preset which can change the color settings of photos and videos. Usually they are used for video footage, but by using Photoshop, you can also apply LUTS to your images.

A Look Up Table, or LUT, is essentially a digital file that transforms the color and tone of your image. It essential can convert colors and details in a source file to a new destination state. For example, you can use a LUT to convert a modern digital photo to the color and tone of an older film stock. Or perhaps to convert between a color image to an aged black and white treatment.

A LUT essentially transforms tone and color based upon settings chosen by the creator of the LUT. Each RGB combination of color has a new value assigned.